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RISCO, KITCOMMPGPRS, COMMPACT Wireless Alarm Kit includes COMMPACT Control Panel with GPRS/GSM/PSTN on Board plus (3xPET, 1xFOB, 1xMAG) + Smartphone Compatibility[KITCOMMPGPRS]

Manufacturer : Risco
Price : 298.20
(357.84 inc. VAT)
Standard Delivery at £6.25
Quantity :

RISCO, KITCOMMPGPRS, COMMPACT Wireless Alarm Kit includes COMMPACT Control Panel with GPRS/GSM/PSTN on Board plus (3xPET, 1xFOB, 1xMAG) + Smartphone Compatibility

KIT Includes:

  • 1 x COMMPACT Control Panel with GPRS/GSM/PSTN on Board.
  • 3 x INF-PET Motion Detectors.
  • 1 x INF-MAG Magnetic Switch.
  • 1 x INF-MFB Multi-function Keyfob.


CommPact, named for its streamlined, space-saving design (21x15.2x4cm), offers cost-effective security and connectivity, with all the essential functions of an advanced wireless system in one small highpowered package. Simple, user-friendly setup menus make installation quick and cost-effective. Users can enjoy the benefits of web-based remote management tools as well as Smartphone applications, which allow them to enjoy a complete sense of control and peace of mind.

Complete Wireless Security, Safety and Control:

CommPact integrates with a wide array of wireless peripherals. Advanced external, perimeter and interior motion detectors provide complete security, and dedicated safety sensors offer 24/7 protection. Onsite control devices provide easy system activation and control with uncompromised functionality.

CommPact integrates with the EL Application Server (ELAS) remote management applications. This offers end users remote control and maintenance of the CommPact system via Internet or Smartphone, video look-in, remote system management, configuration of SMS and email event notifications, and much more. Providers benefit from full circle control with a web administration application, advanced remote programming software, web based system programming, built-in interface with PSTN/GSM/GPRS communication modules, remote firmware upgrades as well as diagnostics and maintenance utilities.

Main Features:

  • Technology FM
  • Arming options Full, perimeter, part
  • Distress keys Panic, fire, medical
  • Number of user codes 32 four-digit codes
  • Maximum number of zones 33
  • Wireless zones 32
  • Wired zones 1 N.C. on-board
  • Wireless keyfobs Up to 19 multifunction keyfobs
  • Wireless keypads Up to 4 keypads
  • Repeaters Up to 4 repeaters
  • Number of accounts Up to 6 accounts for central station event reporting or vocal message event reporting to the end user.
  • Reporting protocols Contact ID, SIA, SMS SIA, SMS Contact ID
  • End user notifications SMS messages, e-mails, voice messages, follow-me numbers
  • Event log 1022 on the control system, over 2000 logged on the ELAS
  • Voice messages 16 recorded event messages; Home ID
  • Speed dial numbers 1 service call number
  • Web user application: Video look-in, remote system activation and control, system settings, event notification settings
  • Mobile applications: WAP, smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) applications for remote system activation, system settings and event notification settings

End User Features:

  • E-mail: Event notification
  • SMS/MMS options SMS remote system activation and control and event notification
  • DTMF options Remote system activation and control and programmable outputs control
  • Audio verification Voice message event notification, two-way audio, follow-me, listen-in

Professional Options:

  • Firmware upgrade Local firmware upgrades via a standard USB cable
  • Remote firmware upgrade: Upgrade firmware via GPRS
  • Remote programming Via PSTN, GSM, GPRS


  • PSTN Event notifications, two-way audio, remote programming, listen-in, DTMF control
  • GSM Event notifications, SMS remote activations, two-way audio, remote programming, listen-in, DTMF control
  • GPRS Remote firmware upgrade, e-mail, event notifications (Including SMS via the ELAS), remote programming

Hardware Features:

  • Programmable outputs 1 Solid state (300mA max. load)
  • Built-in siren  85dB or 105dB
  • Operating temperature 0-60°C /32-140°F
  • Power supply Internal or external 9VAC output, 230v/115v input
  • Backup battery pack 4.8V/1.3Ah
  • Communication modules PSTN, GSM/GPRS

Wireless 12m, 50lb ANIMAL IMMUNE PIR Motion Detector (INF-PET):

An intelligent digital motion detector, this version also features optional pet immunity. The digital full-area vision is able to distinguish between the IR signals received from a human and those received from an animal.

  • Micro-controller based signal processing
  • Pet immunity up to 45 kg
  • Up to 14m range (12m with pet immunity)
  • PIR supervision
  • Digital adaptive temperature compensation
  • Pulse count options (1, 2, 3, or Adaptive)
  • Option to disable LED indication
  • 3.6 V ½ AA lithium battery
  • Bracket support (MB2)

Wireless Magnetic Door Contact (INF-MAG):

This compact magnetic device detects door and window intrusion. Designed for use with EL\'s supervised wireless range of receivers, additional input can be integrated to work in parallel to the magnetic switch, for a wider range of wireless protection.

  • 3.6 V ½ AA lithium battery
  • Small size: 65x30x16mm
  • Front and back tamper options
  • Additional input terminal
  • Input activation: by a short, dry contact or open collector
  • Data transmitted: alarm, tamper, low battery and supervision

Wireless Multi-Function Keyfob (INF-MFB):

This four-button keyfob transmitter is designed for use with EL’s supervised wireless range of receivers. The handheld keyfob offers end-users the convenience of portable wireless control.

  • Four-button keyfob
  • Five Functions: Full, Part & Perimeter Arm, Disarm, Home Automation On/Off, Panic Alarm Generation
  • LED transmission indication, also flashes to indicate low battery
  • 3V lithium battery: 

For more details, pleae refer with our attached datasheet.

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